An Easy Way To Fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 10138

An Easy Way To Fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 10138

You should read these fix ideas when you encounter Microsoft SQL Server error 10138 on your computer.

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    Error 10138: Create a brawl with %S_MSG in view ‘%.*ls’ because the select-only list does not specify the correct use of COUNT_BIG. Consider adding the COUNT_BIG(*) selection to the list.


    The contents of this article will help you resolve the most common SQL Server errors that you may encounter while working with the MyoVision software.

    Before You Start

    • According to the experts, make sure you’re running the latest version of our software by going to our download page above and selecting “Download Now”hour. The most interesting versionscontain built-in fixes for many of the exact SQL errors customers encountered in previous versions.
    • Make sure you are logged in as an administrator on your computer. When in doubt, follow the instructions on this online store to find out. Are you a real admin?
    • Close all programs and windows before you see error messages and a series of dialog boxes. Normally, your computer should be in a neutral state.
    • If you’re not sure where the error point you’re at, start the process from the beginning, as it will definitely guide you through all of them.
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      1. SQL Server Error 80004005
      2. SQL Server Error Code 10
      3. Code 20 Server — SQL Error
      4. Installing SQL Server Offline
      5. SQL Server Error – Database is in “recovery”
      6. Change the permissions of the SQL folder on the server
      7. Are your SQL files compressed?< /li>< li>Additional Best Practices for Server SQL
      8. Optional: Changing SQL Security Permissions
      9. OptionalObjective: SQL server error – MSXML error during software installation
      10. < /ol>

        SQL Server Error 800040E104

        How do I fix SQL error code?

        Verify that the object name is correctly specified in the SQL statement by adding the necessary qualifiers. If everything is correct, make sure the object is in the system before resubmitting the statement. FETCH fetch-orientation is NOT ALLOWED BECAUSE CURSOR cursor-name IS UNKNOWN POSITION (sqlcode, sqlstate).

        When you receive our “SQL Server Error 800040E104”, the PC tries to create a specific “Daily Backup” file but freezes. This is usually because a folder is called to create a backup that is not configured to give you access to the folder in any way.

        What is the error log for certificate 36882?

        Log Name: System Source: Schannel Date: 2020-10-13 15:03:31 Event ID: 36882 Task Category: None Level: Error Keywords: User: USERNAME Computer: COMPUTER NAME Description: A map received from a remote server, an untrusted certificate expert may be released. For this reason, it is highly likely that none of the data contained in the certificate will be verified.

        The following instructions will show you how to troubleshoot permission issues.

        1. Open File Explorer. Make sure the experts check the Hidden Items box on the View tab.
        2. Go to the OS(C:) folder. Open the spacious “ProgramData” folder, the “Precision Biometrics Inc” directory, and the “MVSW” folder. Right-click on the specific “Temporary” and select “Properties” on the folder.
        3. If any properties window opens, you usually click on the “Security” tab and then on the “Edit” button.
        4. If “User” is listed, find “Allow” for “Full then single control” and click OK.
          If “User” is not registered, click here toto continue troubleshooting. < br>
        5. In the “Select User Groups” window, click this special advanced button.
        6. Click the “Search Now” link, search for “user” in the “Search Results:”, click and click the “OK” button.
        7. You will be notified that “Users” is now listed in our own “Select Users or Groups” window. Click the “OK” button.
        8. Select “User” in the current list, left-click the “Allow” field to get “Full Control”, and check the box. Then click on the “OK” button.

        SQL Server Error Code 10

        If you get a SQL 10 error code, make sure the SQL service is up and running for one hour.

        How do I fix a SQL Server installation error?

        Run SQL Server Setup (setup.exe) from the SQL Server installation media. After combining the prerequisites with a system check, the installer,Most likely, it will display the SQL Server Installation Center page. For now, click Maintenance on the left navigation bar and then click Restore to begin the restore process.

        Follow our own tabbed guide below to resolve SQL Server error code 10.

        How do I fix SQL connection error?

        Not included.Get the name of the Configuration Manager instance.Make sure the instance is running.Check. The SQL Server Browser service was running.Checking the local connection.Get server IP address overflow.Get the TCP port of the SQL Server instance.Enable logs.

        **Be sure to restart your computer after making changes to the SQL server,**

        SQL Server Error Code 20

        microsoft sql server error 10138

        This error code indicates that MyoVision is unable to communicate with its database. You may need to elevate user or server permissionsSQL privileges.

        Click on the steps below for more information on how to handle a 20-year-old SQL Server error code. ** Don’t forget to restart your electronic devices afterperform all actions performed in the direction of the SQL server,**

        Installing SQL Server Without An Internet Connection

        1. Open File Explorer and click “My Computer” but on the “C:” drive.
        2. Open the “WinScan98” folder.
        3. < li >Open this “SSE2014”. If there is no SSE2014 folder, open the specific “SSE” folder.

        4. Double-click “SQL the install – n’ reboot .exe”.
        5. When the window opens, select the Add a new standalone installation of SQL Server or features that can be added to an existing installation option.
        6. The software will begin processing the SQL installation. If the program asks you if you want to “Perform Advanced Install” or “Run Features”, add the “Perform Clean Install” option. Then click Next.
        7. On the next main screen, check the “I accept the terms of the certificate” box. Then click Next.
        8. On the next screen, noClick the Select All button and then the Next button.
        9. On the next screen, click Named Instance and enter “PBI_MYOVISION” in the Named Instance word and phrase field. Hopefully the
        10. on the next screen indicates that the Startup Type drop-down menu is set to Automatic.
        11. On the next screen, select “Mixed & Mode” and set a password to make sure you’re using “MyoVision01”. Then click Next.From now on, the installation of the SQL server will be completed. When finished, restart your computer.

        The Database Is Listed As “Restoring”.

        How do I fix Microsoft SQL Server error 2?

        Press the Windows + R keyboard shortcut to open the Run command window.Enter the compmgmt command.The Computer Management window opens.Select SQL Server Services from the available options.Here users can see 6 unique types of all SQL Server services.Start these services.

        If your database is probably listed as Recoverable, it is clearly corrupted and needs a fresh database restore

        1. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Express. You must specify the path you must follow to open the program after the installation is complete. If not, open the Start menu, find the program, and run it.

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        2. Step 1: Download and install the ASR Pro software
        3. Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
        4. Step 3: Select the devices you want to scan and restore, then click "Scan"

    The “Server Name” will be filled in automatically according to your computer’s policy. It is NOT necessary to change this at the top of the screen.

    microsoft sql server error 10138

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