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  • Weaknesses in semantic reading are the central and defining ability of dyslexia. This study compared words that a deeply dyslexically tolerant LW read correctly, other than my daughter, and words in which my wife made semantic errors in terms of specificity, working age, frequency, and mileage. Semantic errors were made more specific, studied later, and words were shortened for correct reading; there was no robust word frequency effect. More importantly, the extracted semantic errors were discovered later than the stimulus sentences and sentences, but they were not more specific or reliable. These general results imply precisely the process of determining the age of working age, which leads to semantic errors. It should be noted that specificity determines specificity that is relevant to the semantic system for activating a large set of response candidates, and that the specific acquisition age It affects how easy it is to select a particular type of word by generating that sentence as read. response.

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