What Are The Causes Of The 0x1e Blue Screen And How To Fix It?

What Are The Causes Of The 0x1e Blue Screen And How To Fix It?

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    Recently, some of our readers shared with us that they are experiencing a 0x1e blue screen. The motivation for this blue windshield error 0x0000001E is mainly caused by unwanted contact, faulty or incompatible RAM (random access RAM (random access RAM, SSD based on volatile electronic memory) by Berkeley IRAM Project, Research in intelligent random access memory internal RAM, CPU internal memory selection.https: //en.wikipedia.org ›RSS feed› Iram Iram – Wikipedia). RAM and usually don’t forget the RAM slot 2) Start your new computer to check if your current problem persists.

    KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error checking included 0x0000001E. This indicates that your program’s kernel mode threw an exception if no error handler was found.



    Exception that this code was not processed.


    The address at which the thrown exception was thrown.


    Parameter0 exceptions.


    Exception parameter 1.


    0x1e blue screen

    To interpret this error checking, you must specify for which identifying exception the exception was thrown.


      Inconsistent audit data found.

    • 0x80000003: STATUS_BREAKPOINT

      Second, the kernel debugger is not connected, a breakpoint or promise was found if you need a system.


      A memory access violation has occurred. (Error checking option 4 is the address the driver was trying to access.)

    0x1e blue screen

    Use NTSTATUS values ​​ to list subscriptions with exclusion codes. Exception codes are passed through ntstatus in.h, a header directory provided by the Windows Driver Kit . (For more information in the headers, see Windows Driver Set Related Files ).

    If you are unable to resolve this issue normally, there are a few basic troubleshooting techniques that are described in blue in this data . If inthe error checking message shows the identified driver, disable the driver or contact the manufacturer for driver updates.

    Hardware Incompatibility

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  • Step 1: Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Step 3: Select the devices you want to scan and restore, then click "Scan"

  • Make sure that the actually newly installed hardware is compatible with the version of Windows you installed. Information on the required hardware can be found, for example, in the Windows 10 Specifications .

    Bad Device Driver Or System Service

    Also, a faulty vehicle driver or system service provider could be the cause of this error. Hardware issues such as BIOS incompatibility, conflicts, memory conflicts and therefore IRQs can also cause errors here.

    If a driver is listed as the name in the error message you receive, uninstall or disable that driver. Disable or remove any recently added drivers or websites. If most errors occur during a sequence where the startup company and system partition are configured with NTFS, you can actually use safe mode, whichwould disable the driver in device manager.

    Check the syslog in Event Viewer for additional error messages that might identify the device and / or driver causing the error at 0x1E. Diagnostics of the equipment is also carried out, in particular the memory scanner, which is included in the delivery set according to the statement of the system manufacturer. For details on these procedures, see the user’s guide for your computer.

    Due to an error, all of these messages may appear after a restart during a Windows installation, or after an installation search finishes. A possible cause of the error is a technical BIOS incompatibility. BIOS problems can always be resolved by updating the system BIOS version.


    Obtaining a stack trace can be tricky if you plan to troubleshoot this issue. The exception address (option 2) should find the driver or function that caused this problem.

    Exception code 0x80000003 indicates that a breakpoint or hardcoded assertion was reached, but the system exploded due to the / NODEBUG switch. So My criticism should be rare. If it continues to appear, make sure a good kernel debugger is connected and that this particular system is started with the / DEBUG switch.

    If an exception code 0x80000002 occurs, how the interrupt frame completes the information.

    Unknown Reason

    If the specific reason for each of our exceptions is unknown, consider using the following procedures to get a trace.

    To get a stack trace. When the normal stack trace process fails

    1. Use the kb (Display Stack Backtrace) manual to display parameters in a packet trace. Look for a challenge to get NT! PspUnhandledExceptionInSystemThread. (If this feature is not listed, see the note above.)

    2. First parameter for NT! PspUnhandledExceptionInSystemThread is a structure clause that contains clauses for the exception statement:

        structure typedef _EXCEPTION_POINTERS    PEXCEPTION_RECORD ExceptionRecord;    PCONTEXT ContextRecord;     EXCEPTION_POINTERS, * PEXCEPTION_POINTERS;ULONG PspUnhandledExceptionInSystemThread (    IN PEXCEPTION_POINTERS exception pointer    ) 

      Use any commanddo dd (memory mapping) to display the required data.

    3. The value obtained at the beginning is purely a listing, and the second is a meaningful data record. Use the other commands .exr (display entry) and .cxr (display perspective entry) with these double values ​​as arguments.

    4. After running one .cxr command, use the kilobytes command to display the stack size based on the situation record. This stack indicates that the call stack where the unhandled exception occurred is known.

    Error Checking Example

    Below is an example of an x86 validation error 0x1E:

      kd> .bugcheck! ! ... ... ... ... ... :. ... ... ... ... ,. ... ... .save data.Code validation error .0000001eArguments .c0000005 .8013cd0a .00000000 .0362cffffkd> .kb. ... ! ! ... ... ... ... ... ... ** cr ** ** cr **. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ** cr ** ** cr **. ... .begin. with .a. battery .print.FramePtr. .AdrRet. ... .Param1. ... .Param2. ... .Param3. ... Function name.8013ed5c. .801263ba. .00000000 .00000000 .fe40cb00 .NT! _DbgBreakPoint.8013eecc. .8013313c. .0000001e .c0000005 .8013cd0a .NT! _KeBugCheckEx + 0x194fe40cad0. .8013318e :) .fe40caf8 .801359ff .fe40cb00 .NT! PspUnhandledExceptionInSystemThread + 0x18fe40cad8. .801359ff. .fe40cb00 .00000000 .fe40cb00 .NT! PspSystemThreadStartup + 0x4afe40cf7c. ... ... ... .8013cb8e. .fe43a44c .ff6ce388 .00000000 .NT! _except_handler3 + 0x4700000000. .00000000. .00000000 .00000000 .00000000 .NT! KiThreadStartup + 0xekd> .dd .fe40caf8 .L2. :). ... ... ... ... ** cr ** ** cr **. ... ... .dump .EXCEPTION_POINTERS .structure0xFE40CAF8. .fe40cd88 .fe40cbc4. ... ** cr ** ** cr **. ... ... ... ... ? ... ... ... ... ... ! ! ! ... ... ... ... @ ... @.kd> .exr fe40cd88 first DWORD is exception data recordException data record @ FE40CD88:   Exception code: c0000005  Exception indicators: 00000000  Associated record: 00000000Exception address: 8013cd0aNumerical parameters: 0000002   00000000 Parameter [0]: Parameter [1]: 0362cfffkd> .cxr fe40cbc4 The second DWORD stands for data logging.Ctx Flags: 00010017eax = 00087000 ebx = 00000000 ecx = 03ff0000 edx = ff63d000 esi = 0362cfff edi = 036b3fffeip = 8013cd0a esp = fe40ce50 ebp = fe40cef8 iopl = 0 nv dn ei pl nz air conditioner po cyvip = 0 bright = 0cs = 0008 ss = 0010 ds = 0023 es = 0023 fs = 0030 gs = 0000 efl = 000106170x8013cd0a f3a4 representing movsbkd> kb adds context entryChildEBP RetAddr Args to Childfe40ce54 80402e09 ff6c4000 ff63d000 03ff0000 NT! _RtlMoveMemory @ 12 + 0x3efe40ce68 80403c18 ffbc0c28 ff6ce008 ff6c4000 HAL! _HalpCopyBufferMap @ 20 + 0x49fe40ce9c fe43b1e4 ff6cef90 ffbc0c28 ff6ce009 HAL! _IoFlushAdapterBuffers @ 24 + 0x148fe40ceb8 fe4385b4 ff6ce388 6cd00800 ffbc0c28 QIC117! _kdi_FlushDMABuffers @ 20 + 0x28fe40cef8 fe439894 ff6cd008 ffb6c820 fe40cf4c QIC117! _cqd_CmdReadWrite @ 8 + 0x26efe40cf18 fe437d92 ff6cd008 ffb6c820 ff6e4e50 QIC117! _cqd_DispatchFRB @ 8 + 0x210fe40cf30 fe43a4f5 ff6cd008 ffb6c820 00000000 QIC117! _cqd_ProcessFRB @ 8 + 0x134fe40cf4c 80133184 ff6ce388 00000000 00000000 QIC117! _kdi_ThreadRun @ 4 + 0xa9fe40cf7c 8013cb8e fe43a44c ff6ce388 00000000 NT! _PspSystemThreadStartup @ 8 + 0x40 
    • 5 units to read

    This theme is for web developers. If you are a customer who received a blue computer error code while using your computer, see Section Fixing Blue Screen Errors .

    This method allows NT searches! PspUnhandledExceptionInSystemThread. However, in some cases (for example, a crash due to an access violation) you will no longer be able to do this. If this results in a search for ntoskrnl! KiDispatchException. The third parameter passed from this function is the address of the interrupt frame. Use the .trap (Display Trap Frame) that is processed with this address to usually set the register context to ensure accuracy. Then you can run stack prints and execute other commands.

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